National Tour of Hamilton Musical

National Tour of Hamilton Musical

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The blue suggests the British naval invasion and Washington’s despair as they plunge into a devastating sea battle and lose. Emphasizing a new role for him, Burr promptly dresses Hamilton in an officer’s coat. Clearly, Burr is still a mentor here, until he can hand Hamilton off to the new general. In a touch of humility and practicality, Washington wears the same blue military uniform as the other rebels, only decorated with epaulettes, a sash, and his famous tricorn.

Under the rebels’ blue coat, Lafayette adds lots of gold trim and shining epaulettes too, suggesting his own lack of modesty. General Washington suffered a humiliating defeat in the battle and was forced to abandon New York City. By this point Hamilton had come to the attention of three other generals – Alexander McDougall, Nathanael Greene, and Lord Stirling (Chernow 85).

Hamilton and his artillery company joined Washington’s army and held off the advancing British in what is now Harlem. Jimmy Napoli, Hamilton Tour Guide (, explains:

The first time George Washington sees Hamilton, he’s putting together an earthwork. While the rest of the Continental Army is crying, weeping over what happened in Brooklyn, Hamilton is organizing and getting things together. That evening, Washington actually invites him to dine with him in his tent and speaks with him. (Alexander Hamilton: American Experience)